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We plan to have 3 major releases every year, with intermediate minor releases adding functionality to the aforementioned major releases. We typically number our releases based on the following rule: x.y.z; here, x.y indicates a major release with a significant advancement in the software's capabilities (y increments from 0 through 9, before there is a rollover into x); z indicates improvements to the x.y release which is typically the result of bug fixes.

The Sustain software stack contains the following sub-projects:

  Polyglot Interoperation with diverse encoding formats and storage frameworks.
  Aperture Visualization of spatiotemporal data using sketches.
  Synopsis Sketching of spatiotemporal data. This also includes support for imputation of missing data at diverse spatiotemporal scopes.
  Galileo Ondisk storage and retrieval of spatiotemporal data.
  Anvil Tool for model checking and valdiation at diverse spatiotemporal scopes.

The software is open-source, and repositories will be available at

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User's Guide
The documentation for the project is a work-in-progress and will be made available.

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