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The Sustain project is a collaboration between Colorado State University, Arizon State University, University of California -- Irvine, and the University of Maryland - Baltimore County.

The project includes an advisory board that includes representation from academia, industry, and citizen science.


  Colorado State University
    Shrideep Pallickara
    Mazdak Arabi
    Jay Breidt
    Sudipto Ghosh
    Sangmi Lee Pallickara
  Arizona State University
    Mikhail Chester
  University of California Irvine
Amir AghaKouchak
  University of Maryland -- Baltimore County
    Claire Welty

  Graduate Students contributing to the Sustain Project
    Kevin Bruhwiler
    Thilina Buddhika
    Walid Budgaga
    Daniel Rammer
    Saptashwa Mitra








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